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Manufacture of metal cases for assembly
Manufacture of metal cases for assembly Learn more
Assembly of electrical panels
Electrical panel assembly description Learn more
Provision of metalworking services Provision of metalworking services - 1 Provision of metalworking services - 2 Provision of metalworking services - 3
Provision of metalworking services description Learn more

Metal cases

Cabinets and boards for your projects Enclosures of all types and sizes, with the protection degree up to IP66. The products are in stock and on order.

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Ready-made electric boards

Different types of low-voltage switch units for your facilities. Equipment developed on any components. Assembly of devices according to standard and customized schemes.

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Metal machining

Custom-made products. We bend, cut, perforate, weld and paint - we do everything to ensure that your business receives the necessary products.

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Empty metal enclosures IP20-66 and accessories for them. All types and sizes In stock and on order.

Switchboards with mounting panel (SCHMP 1-8)

Switchboards with mounting panel for assembly of electrical cabinets IP31-54

от 1 294 руб

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Input distribution device (VRU 1-3 / 2 F-BP / MK)

Cases for the assembly of input and distribution devices IP40-54

от 6 699 руб

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Embedded switchboards / Hinged switchboards (SHCHRV / SHCHRN 9-72)

Enclosure for built-in and mounted switchboards IP31-IP54

от 720 руб

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Switch cabinet system "KRON" (IP40-54)

Cabinet housings for the complete set of SWG and MDB

от 19 465 руб

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Different types of low-voltage switch units for your facilities. Assembly from any components. Manufacturing according to standard and individual designs.


Switchboards designed for receiving and distributing electrical energy at a voltage of up to 600V

от 2 500 руб

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Distribution point

Distribution points for operation in AC networks with voltage up to 600V

от 9 000 руб

More details

Control cabinet

Device designed to control technological processes of various nature

от 300 000 руб

More details

Control panel

Product designed and containing the necessary set of components to perform automation tasks

от 9 000 руб

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Manufacture of custom-made products Industrial services.
Full-cycle production, from the development of drawings to the release of finished products.
картинка услуги
Creation of drawings, design of 3D models, development of specifications.
Engineering and design
картинка услуги
High-precision cutting of metal up to 10 mm thick.
Laser metal cutting
картинка услуги
Electric arc, MIG/MAG, TIG, contact, capacitor-discharge welding
картинка услуги
The service is represented by two robotic powder coating lines. Before painting, the metal undergoes automatic preparation.
картинка услуги
Punching, cutting, forming, perforation, dimpling, incomplete punching.
картинка услуги
Milling, grinding, drilling, turning works.
Mechanical metal
картинка услуги
Metal machining using professional high-precision technological equipment.
Plasma arc cutting
of metal
картинка услуги
Application of a self-leveling polyurethane sealant to metal products using a high-precision gasketing technique.
Application of a self-
leveling sealant
картинка услуги
Machining of parts with a wire-cutting machine.
Electrical discharge
картинка услуги
Bending of parts up to 12 mm. Processing of workpieces on the panel benders and vertical bending presses.

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