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Electrical discharge cutting


Electrical discharge cutting services

Electrical discharge metal cutting is the machining of parts with a wire-cutting machine through action of electrical impulses arising between the electrodes (the material and the tool).

The principle of the technology

A DC power source is connected to the workpiece and the electrode. It generates short-term pulses passing through the electrodes. Thus, an electron arc is formed in the active zone. This arc acts as a cutting tool.


Wire cutting of metal is performed on a special high-power machine. The plasma arc enables cutting a metal workpiece into any number of elements. The cutting depth can be adjusted to the values you need, if necessary. We should note that the standard depth is 20 - 40 diameters. The average cutting rate is 0.1 — 0.5 mm per second.

This technology is characterized by reliability and allows for high-precision metal machining. It is suitable for cutting any metals, as well as their alloys. For example, steel, cast iron, brass, aluminum, etc.

Electrical discharge cutting is in demand in high-precision industries.

Advantages of electrical discharge metal cutting

The plasma arc has a very high temperature, so this cutting method is suitable for a variety of metals and their alloys. The ED machine is characterized by convenience and versatility.
High quality
The thickness of the electron arc does not exceed 1 mm. Therefore, this technology is characterized by high precision of the machining result. In addition, the plasma cools down quickly, so the edges of the workpiece are strong and smooth.
ED machines are easy to operate, besides, they do not need any special care. For the most part, the machines are equipped with an electronic panel, using which it is possible to control the operating mode. Also, such metal cutting is not toxic for the worker doing it.

It should be noted that since ED equipment is quite expensive, the price of electrical discharge metal cutting is also rather high. However, this is the best option for metal cutting if you need maximum precision.

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