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Engineering and design bureau


Design bureau services

One of the key areas of our work is design of metal structures and metal products. Our company has its own design bureau engaged in design.

We offer:

Experience and modern technologies

In our work, we use modern software, so that you get drawings in an easy-to-print format. Besides, we provide paper versions of the drawings. The company employs experienced engineers specializing in the design of metal products of various levels of complexity.


Our advantages:

Vast experience of working with both large companies and small customers. We can take on a project of any scale.
Strict adherence to GOST standards and other standards in force on the territory of the CU.
Delivery of drawings in a convenient format.
Favorable cost of services for design and manufacture of metal structures.

Contact our specialists by filling out the feedback form on the website to order a drawing of metal structures. We can develop a project for both large structures and small metal parts of household or industrial equipment.

By contacting us, you work directly with the performers. We make designs ourselves, and we don't act as intermediaries.

Any questions?

Ask them to our managers using the feedback form.
We respond quickly.