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Punching works


Punching metal works are widely used in mechanical engineering, in repair and construction work and design.

Products that have passed punching work make it possible to precisely implement a variety of design ideas. Using such products, even complex design and technical documentation will be observed with maximum accuracy.

For example, metal punching technology is used for the manufacture of the following structural elements:

Stamps for punching works are made individually for the needs of the customer, so designers can design the most non-standard solutions. Punching of sheet material is a high-speed process, and therefore a high-performance one.

However, the technology of metal punching is not suitable for machining brittle alloys and metals.


Our services

Sheet metal punching

Metal processing on a special turret punching device, which is equipped with a large number of punching elements.

Hole punching in metal

Cold working of metal sheets, which is performed on milling or drilling equipment.

Custom metal forming

The hole in the metal acquires the necessary shape and dimensions as a result of the use of friction forces with a large axial force.

Sheet metal perforation

Making perforations and holes of various sizes and shapes.

Metal dimpling

Sheet stamping, as a result of which the edges of previously punched holes protrude above the plane of the workpiece. The surface of the material becomes anti-slip.

Punching works are carried out at our enterprise using turret punching machines. This makes it possible for us to produce products with excellent precision parameters. Besides, automation of the process speeds up the work.

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