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Laser metal cutting


Metal laser cutting services

We carry out high-precision cutting of metal up to 10 mm thick.

The name of the service reveals the essence of the process. The cutting is carried out by a laser beam, which is emitted by special equipment. The beam carrying a high-density energy charge focuses on the treated surface.

Types of metal laser cutting

Under the influence of the beam, the treated metal surface heats up and melts. As a result, a smooth and precise cut of the metal remains.

Metal melting is the most commonly used method of cutting metal products.

However, another type is also used, i.e. evaporation. It is carried out on high-power equipment. Due to the thermal conductivity of the metal, its melting zone quickly spreads deep into the workpiece. As a result, the laser beam brings the temperature at the point where the metal is cut using this method to a boil. The metal evaporates.

Advantages of metal laser cutting

High precision
Possibility of creating curved structures of varying degrees of complexity, shaped products and volumetric parts.
The metal cut is of high quality.
The material does not deform during operation.
The workpiece does not need to be mechanically affected.
The surface of the workpiece does not heat up.
The method of operation is non-contact.
The technology can be used to create complex and fragile parts.
No dust is formed during the cutting.
You can work with any metals.
The work is often performed in automatic mode, the human factor is excluded.
The resulting products do not require any additional processing.
Short production time.

One of the disadvantages of laser metal cutting technology is its relatively high cost when compared with other types of cutting. Besides, workpieces for laser cutting should not be thick.

Only professionals should be trusted with laser cutting of metal products. Only in this case it is possible to obtain a high-quality result.

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