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Application of a self-leveling sealant


We provide a service for applying a self-leveling polyurethane sealant to metal products.

The work is performed using a high-precision gasketing technique carried out on CNC machines in accordance with a set program.

The technology is relevant for applying a self-leveling sealant to:

Advantages of the sealant applied by the technology

The self-leveling sealant is applied seamlessly, without any joints or scraps. Thus, the protection of the surface of the product from moisture and dust is of the highest quality and most reliable.
The seal has high sound insulation and vibration absorption rates.
Such a seal has a high level of adhesion to the product on which it is applied. It will not come off during operation.
The self-leveling sealant does not lose its qualities in a very wide temperature range — from - 50 to +90 degrees.

Stages of work

We examine the product drawing.
We coordinate the parameters and cost of the product with you, program the CNC machine according to the specified parameters.
We apply the self-leveling sealant according to the technology.
We let it dry.
We pack the product.
We deliver it to you.

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