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Plasma arc cutting of metal


Plasma arc cutting of sheet metal is a high-tech process that enables fast cutting of metal alloy sheets, even of large thickness, with maximum precision. The essence of the technology is in spot heating of the metal and melting it in the desired area.

Advantages of plasma arc metal cutting service:

High cutting rate.
High quality of processing of ferrous, non-ferrous metals and stainless steel.
Safety — this technology surpasses any analogs in this respect.
Environmental friendliness — minimum level of environmental pollution during processing.
Possibility of cutting products of any shape, regardless of complexity.
The cut is of high quality and purity.

Features of the technology

Plasma arc cutting of metal is carried out at our enterprise with the use of professional equipment.

The process goes as follows. In the zone of the proposed separation, local heating is carried out, and then the metal melts. The technology uses a plasma jet formed by means of special equipment. The process of plasma metal cutting according to GOST involves the use of plasma-forming inactive and active gases.

The high temperature is ensured by the action of an electric arc on the metal. An electric current passes through the gas medium, flashing between the nozzle of the device and the electrode. The temperature in this case is at least 5 thousand degrees.

The most common application of plasma metal cutting

In general, the technology is used in a wide range of areas.

Cost of plasma metal cutting

The price of plasma metal cutting services is made up of the complexity of the work, the thickness of the sheet, its dimensions and characteristics of the material to be processed.

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