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Metal welding


Metal welding services

Metal welding is a reliable way to permanently connect hardware.



Saving metal

It is due to a decrease in the weight of the connecting elements in the welded joints. Besides, welding technologies allow to apply thin-walled metal structures, to minimize defects in joints.

Possibility of creating complex metal structures

With the help of welding, it is possible to assemble a metal structure from individual stamped or cast elements, that differ in the method of metalworking.

Connection of small parts and assemblies

Modern welding technologies enable production of reliable elements even for micro-components.

Joint reliability

The welded joints are tight and wear-resistant.

Types of welding used in our production

Electric arc welding

This is one of the main welding types. It is carried out using an electric arc heated to the required temperature — above the melting point of metals — up to + 7 thousand degrees Celsius.

It is used for working with alloys, as well as for joining materials that differ in thickness.

Such custom metal welding is possible both outdoors and indoors.

Contact welding

The essence of the technology is that an electric pulse is applied to tightly compressed parts through the shortest distance. At the point of contact of the surfaces, a molten core is formed, and since they are tightly pressed against each other, the process of metal diffusion occurs. After the point cools, the metal crystallizes.

Condenser welding

Parts are connected using two conductors. A short-term electric discharge is applied to them. An arc is formed that melts the metal. The connection when using this technology is very tight. After that, the parts are compressed under load and a common seam is formed.

MIG-MAG and TIG welding

Metal Inert/Active Gas (MIG/MAG). The welding process is carried out surrounded by a special gas with the molten end of a movable metal cord.

Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG). This is argon arc welding. The process uses a high-melting electrode in the form of a tungsten rod. The welding is carried out in a stream of inert protective gas.

The price of welding work at our company corresponds to the average prices in the market. For details, please contact our sales department.

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