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Metal bending


High-quality metal bending is appreciated in industrial production, thanks to this technology it is possible to create high-quality products with a complex configuration. Also, you can save on time and financial costs.

Methods of sheet metal bending

Aerial, or free bending

In the course of this type of bending, an air gap remains between the workpiece and the walls of the V-shaped matrix.

It is a rather plastic bending method, but it is limited in precision. However, with the help of a single bending tool, it is possible to achieve any angle that falls within the range of the opening angle of the matrix.


The part is pressed tightly against the walls of the matrix. It is a high-precision bending technology, regardless of the thickness and properties of the workpiece. Calibration can be carried out both in small internal and large external radii. Various shapes can be created using calibration.

Metal bending services

At our enterprise, sheet metal is bent with a thickness of up to 12 mm.

We carry out the processing of workpieces on the panel benders and vertical bending presses. This allows to speed up the production process.

The control is performed via a computer using the installed software. This, in turn, makes it possible to use the material as efficiently as possible. The equipment is universally safe.

You can specify the cost of metal bending in our price lists or by contacting our managers.

How is the bending of metal parts carried out?

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