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Metal painting


Painting metal with powder paint

Metal products are painted not so much due to aesthetic considerations as to protect the metal from the negative effects of external factors.

The traditional wet painting method is replaced in modern industries by powder coating of metal.

At our company, the service is represented by two robotic powder coating lines. Before painting, the metal undergoes automatic preparation.

Painting technology

Preparation of the product surface

Automated preparation of the product is carried out in our production. At this stage, the surface is cleaned of soiling. In addition, it is made rough.

Application of powder material

It is made by electrostatic spraying on a special conveyor line.

The final coating formation

Formation of a film of paint on the coating after complete cooling of the product.

Metal powder painting. Advantages



This painting technology allows for the highest quality result. The powder is applied to the surface according to a special technique in several layers. The first layer is thin, it undergoes heat treatment, this is necessary to strengthen it. The second layer is a solid, even layer of dye.

Environmental friendliness

Powder coating of metal is an environmentally friendly technology, as it is practically waste-free. Besides, no solvents are used in the process.


Powder coating is more profitable for the manufacturer, and therefore for the customer. The entire painting cycle takes no more than half an hour. It enables saving of materials and production areas.

A variety of colors

Currently, there are over 5 thousand colors in the range of powder paints.

How the cost of metal painting is formed

The final price is formed based on the characteristics of the surface of the painted product, as well as the painting method.

Any questions? Ask them to our managers using the feedback form. We respond quickly.

Any questions?

Ask them to our managers using the feedback form.
We respond quickly.