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Mechanical metal machining


Mechanical metal machining services

The special feature of the technology is that during machining, the metal workpiece does not change its internal structure, the changes relate only to its shape and initial size.

Custom metal machining is carried out on various machines, each of which is used depending on what type of processing is to be done with a metal workpiece.

Before the machining of the workpiece, it is mandatory to prepare a flow chart, which contains information about the precision classes of the product, as well as its dimensions. In addition, a drawing of the future part is made on the basis of the flow chart, where the precision class of the product and its dimensions are also indicated.

Types of machining

Drilling holes in metal

With this method of machining, the rotating drill bit is immersed into a static workpiece, after which it is longitudinally moved to it. The method is suitable for drilling round holes in metal.


Milling metal work

The side face of the tool works. The milling cutter moves vertically, forward and backward, as well as to the right and left. With the help of milling, products of any shape can be produced.

The cost of metal milling does not differ significantly from the cost of other types of metal machining.

Metal grinding services

This type of metal machining is used more often than solid turning.

Grinding is suitable for working with both flat and shaped workpieces, as well as cylindrical and conical workpieces, besides, both external and internal surfaces of the workpiece can be processed in this way.

The price of metal grinding is on a par with other types of machining.

Custom metal turning

Standard turning operations include:

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We use a wide variety of types of machining, which ultimately makes if possible for us to fulfill customer's order as precisely as possible.
We work in strict accordance with GOST standards.

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